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Worth It Nutrition, WIN - Hotmess 2 Hotness

Worth It Nutrition, WIN - Hotmess 2 Hotness


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Additional Info

WIN is a 12-14 week weight-loss challenge designed for women over 30 with a little “healthy competition,” too!

How do I WIN? 

We will teach you mindful ways to break emotional eating habits at the source to help you grow internally while you use our amazing nutritional program to shrink externally. Some women have lost a pound a day using these methods (including Amber) who lost 70 pounds in the first 4 months!

There is no special food to buy, no supplements or meal replacements, just real food right from the store. We connect you with a community of past WIN-ners to support you along the way and there is a cash prize to be won for each challenge…that’s right you get to slim down, boost your confidence, dig deep, get your groove back, make friends, and WIN prizes.

What are you waiting for?


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